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Green Energy solar power on the offensive in rural areas

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Now, a slowing economy and climate brought adverse effects to many solar energy of the dealer sales, in contrast with other merchants, guizhou green card can solar sales hot, especially in the countryside, it has introduced a series of favorable policies, was welcomed by the broad masses of farmers friend, sales climbed, a green card can not light the off-season, become a veritable hidden champions in the industry.

Solar energy has become a wealth highland, and the potential market in rural areas has reached hundreds of billions

According to the research report of the energy research institute of the national development and reform commission, at present, the solar thermal utilization industry has grown into the backbone industry with the most intellectual property rights, the largest production scale and the widest coverage in China's new energy industry. During the financial crisis, the solar thermal utilization industry maintained a growth rate of 25-30% despite the decline in sales in other industries and even the great depression.

In the past two decades, China's solar thermal utilization industry has grown from scratch and from small to large with extraordinary speed. Especially in 2009, solar water heater was included in the national household appliances to the countryside project, followed by the country will invest 10 billion yuan every year, to support the construction of renewable energy demonstration city... Solar energy is facing unprecedented development opportunities.

Jiang feng, secretary-general of the China home appliance association, said that if the penetration rate of solar water heaters in rural areas reached 20 percent, it would bring more than 120 billion yuan in sales to the whole industry.

Green energy "heavy soldier" sway market of rural area

Market research shows that the penetration rate of solar energy market in rural China is less than 8%. With the enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation, 80% of consumers in China choose solar energy as their first choice when buying water heaters. In addition, solar energy is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and zero-use cost for one-time investment than electricity and gas water heaters. It is a pioneer of low-carbon economy and its market will form a "blowout" type growth.

Although the competition for the rural solar market is intensifying, green card solar power has never stopped in the rural offensive. Since its inception, green card has enabled the company to continuously increase investment in science and technology, enhance research and development capabilities, and constantly meet the increasingly diversified consumer needs of customers and consumers, winning the trust of customers.

At present, the green card can have the most advanced of all glass vacuum tube production line and solar water heater production line, using cutting edge, the most advanced patent technology and industry science and technology, in view of low latitudes, low irradiation region climate characteristic, successfully developed a series of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products. Its products have not only passed the national authority of the testing certification, but also won the general praise of the majority of users, not only best-selling domestic, but also exported to Europe and the United States.

Solar energy industry senior brand marketing planning expert, wevin marketing planning agency general manager zhou limin said, with the continuous deepening of household appliances to the countryside, and rural consumers' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, green card solar energy sales will show a split growth.

Use "difference dissimilation" to open up a blue sea

Guizhou low latitude, low radiation natural conditions for the development of solar energy, can be said to be a congenital deficiency. In such an environment, the development of guizhou solar energy has been a "vacuum zone" in China's solar industry for many years. However, green card aims at "low radiation and low latitude" and develops products suitable for "low radiation and low latitude", thus opening up a blue sea.

Over the past 10 years, green card solar energy has been committed to the research and development of solar water heaters suitable for low latitude and low radiation. Through continuous introduction of talents, learning advanced technology and overcoming numerous technical difficulties, the NG series water heaters developed have been highly recognized and generally praised in duyun, guizhou and southern low-latitude areas. Its products have been widely used in families, schools, hotels, hotels, enterprises and institutions, green card can become a wonderful flower of solar energy utilization on the plateau of guizhou.

As the leading brand in the solar industry in guizhou, a green card can have several national patents, its home solar water heater for five consecutive years won the title of the guizhou province famous brand products, is also the solar energy of guizhou province key support leading enterprises and trait of the first won the provincial title of "high-tech enterprise" of science and technology enterprises, and has passed the China national mandatory product (3 c) certification, ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, etc.

Zhou limin believes that the homogenization competition in the solar energy industry is becoming increasingly serious, enterprises should be in an invincible position in the competition, seeking "differences" is particularly important, suitable for low-latitude, low-sunshine areas of the products, become a new growth point of the solar industry, green card solar energy opened up a new blue sea of the solar industry! Author: hai tao

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